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 What constitutes normal wear and tear on an end of lease contract


Should you have a car on contract hire, you have basically hired the car for a number of years, not exceeding a total number of miles (as stated in our previous blogs).  At the end of the contracted period, you return the vehicle back to the leasing company but not before the representative collecting the vehicle has examined it for normal wear and tear. 

Before leasing the vehicle to you, the leasing company will have estimated the value of the car after the lease has finished and that will include normal wear and tear, however should the vehicle be returned in a poorer condition than estimated, then the leasing company will charge you extra at the end of the lease to cover the costs of repair or loss in value.  In this blog, we will examine how to check for normal wear and tear.

  • Ensure that your vehicle is clean and valeted just before collection.  A clean car shows it has been well looked after;
  • Check all the panels for dents and chips.  It is better to bend down and look along the panels at it is easier to see any indents;
  • The tyres should be worn equally and there should be no scratches on the wheels or trims (ensure the spare tyre is in good order);
  • All lamps, lights and mirrors should be in good working order and not have any chips or cracks;
  • The interior of the car should be in good order with no tears or stains;
  • The boot should be free of debris and if you have an estate, any damage from dogs should be rectified and dog hairs removed;
  • All technology such as radios, Bluetooth etc should be in good working order.

It is better to inspect your vehicle a few weeks before it is due to be returned, so that you can get any faults rectified before collection.

When collection is made, the driver will note any damage to the vehicle and you will be asked to sign; agreeing to his findings.  Should you not agree, you need to clarify what happens next but you are entitled to pay for an independent engineer to inspect the car.  Should the engineer find in your favour, reasonable costs of the inspection will be made to you by the leasing company.  Should this be of interest to you, please contact us for more information.


Road Fund Licence increases by up to 950%! Only zero emission cars avoid it.


It had to happen sooner or later. Stupidly low road tax fees, or indeed total exemption from paying any road tax at all on many new models meant the government had to do something to stem the tide of receding revenue from the beleaguered motorist.

You know what that means. Big changes in the cost of road fund licence (road tax) will see some models in bestselling ranges like the Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Astra and Nissan Qashqai lose their current exemption from road tax.


The Pros and Cons of Contract Hire


There have been quite a few reports in the papers and journals recently in the rise in popularity of Contract Hire.  For people who do not have an attachment to their cars, this is a good way to have the use of a car without actually owning it and thus they are able to change their cars every 2/3 or 4 years depending on the agreement.  There is also a product called Personal Contract Hire (PCH) which is available to individuals.  However, before you go down the Contract Hire route there are a few pros and cons to think about:   



Would Personal Contract Hire (PCH) help senior citizens?


Senior citizens are usually on a fixed monthly income and may not wish to have the hassle of owning a car.  As in our previous blog on the pros and cons of contract hire, many of the pros are highly positive for senior citizens, such as being able to change the car every 2 or 3 years.  As people age, their wish to drive bigger, more powerful cars may diminish, personal contract hire can help by being able to change the car more frequently, without the hassle of selling the current car and finding a new car.  We can help as our contract hire cars are picked up from your address and a new car can be delivered the same day.  

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